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Bath Salts
Made with sea salts, epsom salts, safflower oil, jojoba oil, essential and fragrance oils. For a nice soothing soak after a long hard day drop a nice scoop of these salts in a tub of nice warm bath water.
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Fragrances: Chai Tea Latte

Goat’s Milk Soap
Natterbugs soap is made with coconut oil, glycerin and goats milk. This lightly scented bar soap makes quite a lather and is long lasting. Each bar is hand wrapped in beautiful fine papers and tied with a bow.
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Fragrances: lavande, plumeria sage, crème brule

Body Scrub

Made with brown sugar, sea salts, safflower oil, vitamin E oil, fragrance oil and caranauba wax. Use about a table spoon of the salt scrub and rub into rough dry hands, feet, elbows or legs. Massage and rinse. Leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling truly yummy. Not recommended for use on the face.
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Fragrance: Brown sugar

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